2016 News And Media

Invitation to the CAILBA 2016 National Conference and AGM Highlights of the CAILBA 2016 National Conference and 2016-2017 Initiatives Insurance Regulators Relying on MGAs to Identify Agent Misconduct Insurance Regulators Contemplate New Disclosure Requirements for Seg Funds Insurers Consider Move to Levellized Commissions Please click below and enter the password CAILBAWIN.

2015 News And Media

Appointment of CAILBA Executive Director CAILBA 2015-2016 Initiatives & President’s Advisory Council Highlights of the CAILBA 2015 AGM & 2015-2016 CAILBA Initiatives Save the Date The CAILBA 2016 National Conference & AMG CAILBA 2015-2016 Board of Directors CAILBA President’s Advisory Council Presentations from the CAILBA 2015 Annual Conference Now Available for Download

2014 News And Media

CAILBA 2014 Conference – A New Venue Ushers in a Cyber Success CAILBA – A Fall Snapshot

2013 News And Media

CAILBA – An Expanded Association Business Model CAILBA 2013 Annual General Meeting – Attendee Benefits Independent Distribution Industry Report: CAILBA 2013 Conference and AGM CAILBA Announces Dates for 2014 Annual Conference and AGM CAILBA 2014 MGA Conference Planning – Well Underway

2012 News And Media

MGA Code of Conduct – November 2012 Insurance Journal Ad – November/December 2012 November 2012 March 2012

2010 News And Media

CAILBA Contribution to Seneca Program – March 2010 Evolution of Cailba – February 2010 The Chicken and the Pig – January 2010