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We updated the Compliance Toolbox to reflect significant changes in the regulatory environment. You don’t have to adopt every policy, procedure, tool and template. Borrow material you need and revise it to fit your business practices. Occasionally, you will find material written in red, which you should delete once you decide how to word that section. You may re-brand the revised material. 1. The Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing unit has been completely revised to reflect changes that are going into effect in June 2017 that pertain to client identification methods, identifying domestic politically exposed foreign persons (“PEDPs”) and heads of international organizations (“HIOs”). In addition, FINTRAC has introduced new risk assessment guidance, which resulted in the introduction of a new risk assessment tool. 2. The main guidance document has been updated to reflect these new regulations and to ensure that the links provided are to the most current documents. Copyright © CAILBA 2017, All rights reserved. CAILBA grants each of its members a non-exclusive license to use and reproduce this material solely for its own internal and for no other purposes.